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Dental Implants in Burlington, MA

Tooth loss affects more than just your smile; it can affect your health. When an adult tooth is pulled, the jaw loses the health benefits of the tooth’s roots. Our jawbones require a constant supply of nutrient-rich blood to keep their structure and bone density. The tooth root stimulates the blood vessels in the jaw to provide blood flow. Without that blood flow, bone tissue will be absorbed back into the body. This isn’t a rapid process, but it’s certain to happen. Losing bone tissue affects a person’s bite and chewing, which has a big effect on health. A narrowed or thinned jawbone will also affect appearance.

Dental implants halt the problems caused by missing teeth and serve both a restorative and cosmetic purpose. They’re made of three parts: a bio-friendly metal post, an abutment, and a crown. The titanium metal post is placed directly into the jawbone. The abutment sits on top of the post and provides the crown with an attachment spot. The crown is an artificial tooth that replaces the function of a natural tooth while looking great!

You can get implants right away if you have enough bone mass in your jawbones to support the posts. If you don’t have the needed amount of bone, a procedure called a “sinus lift” can help you gain it.

What to expect

At Center for Adult Dental Care in Burlington, we’re experts in giving people a dazzling smile with dental implants. Getting implants done starts with a thorough dental exam. This includes an exam, X-rays, and in some cases, CT scans. Your complete medical history is necessary because dental implant surgery is just that—surgery.

Your and your dentist at the Center for Adult Dental Care in Burlington will develop a timeline and treatment plan which depends on your needs. The full process of getting dental implants takes 3 to 9 months, although this timeframe is highly variable. The titanium posts fuse to the bone, and new bone tissue will surround them, making them as solid and stable as a natural tooth. The fusing process takes the biggest share of the time, with the placement of abutments and crowns following rapidly.


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