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Fluoride Treatment in Burlington, MA

Parents are always looking for practical ways to keep their children healthy and strong. Our team at the Center for Adult Dental Care is excited to help families in the Burlington, MA area to achieve this through the help of several different treatments, including fluoride treatments. Fluoride is a natural and safe way to keep your teeth protected. What is involved in a fluoride treatment and why are they so effective? Continue reading on to learn more about fluoride treatments with the help of our fun staff and see how we can keep your child’s smile healthy.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral which is found in rocks, certain bodies of water, and foods. Communities will often add fluoride to their water reserves as a way to provide extra protection for the city. It is used to strengthen the tooth’s enamel and helps to prevent dental decay and cavities.

When Is A Fluoride Treatment Needed?

Although some communities are supplied with a decent amount of fluoride, families may need to provide additional treatments for their children. Our dental clinic offers professional fluoride treatments for individuals in need of extra protection. Different products which contain lower amounts of fluoride, such as toothpaste and mouth rinses, can be bought over the counter as another method to increase your fluoride intake. You are encouraged to speak with your family dentist to see if you or a member of your family could benefit from a fluoride treatment. The perfect opportunity to do this is during your biannual dental exam and cleaning with your dentist. During this time, they go over any conditions or concerns they may have for your oral health. Any treatments, such as a fluoride treatment, can be provided during these appointments.

Fluoride Treatment In Burlington

If you or your family are in need of extra protection for your smile, then contact our Center for Adult Dental Care team for more information regarding treatment options or to set up your dental cleaning and exam with a member of our staff to keep your smile shining bright today!


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