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Preventive Dentistry in Burlington, MA

Preventing a disaster or emergency is almost always impossible. One can be as prepared as they think possible, but prevention methods may not be enough. However, when it comes to the health of your teeth, this is not the case. An important branch of dentistry, known as preventive dentistry works diligently, by providing patients with the help they need to keep their teeth, gums, and mouth with sufficient care to stay healthy in the long run and stop bigger problems from happening like tooth decay and infection. Let’s take a look at what counts as preventive dentistry and what you can do to stay healthy as well!

What is Preventive Dentistry and Why is It So Important?

The main goal that surrounds preventive dentistry is ensuring the health of your teeth now before it’s able to progress into tooth decay, infections, or the need for extractions. Preventive dentistry has time and time again proven to be the best way to not only save money but also time and discomfort when seeking the help of a dentist.

For example, if you have waited years between dental exams and cleanings, then the likelihood that you have developed a much more serious dental condition is high. Instead of receiving the dental cleaning that you need twice a year, you may have to come into the office in order to receive a root canal or tooth extraction which can be both much more costly and uncomfortable.

What Counts as Preventive Dentistry?

Specifically, the type of treatments and procedures that fall under the category of preventive dentistry include:

  • Dental cleanings
  • Dental exams
  • Dental sealants
  • And more

Make the Investment in Your Mouth!

Preventive dentistry is an investment in the long run, in terms of both time and money spent making sure your teeth stay healthy. If you don’t want to have to face treatments or procedures that come with tooth decay, gum disease, or severe infection, then you’ll want to take the maximum advantage out of preventive dentistry as you can! If you’re looking for a preventive dentist in your area of Burlington, then the Center for Adult Dental Care can be the answer to your search. Give them a call today in order to set up your very first appointment, and get your teeth healthy now and long into the future!


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