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Sedation Dentistry in Burlington, MA

Here at the Center for Adult Dental Care, we strive each day to provide the best dental care in Burlington and the surrounding area.

Imagine you are undergoing a dental procedure like an extraction, oral surgery, or a root canal. When you have sedation dentistry, and your treatment is finished, you will not remember anything that happened, how much time has passed, anything about the noise or the pain, or any of that discomfort you had dreaded. We are happy we can offer all of our patients the possibility of safe, comfortable, and effective sedation with dentistry. The patients who are most likely to benefit from the sedation for a procedure usually have:

  • A difficult time getting and staying numb from the anesthetics
  • A hard time sitting still for extended periods
  • Anxiety or fear of being at the dentist

With sedation dentistry it allows your dentist to treat you with a variety of different dental procedures safely and you are comfortable and will not experience any pain or anxiety while seeing the dentist. There are many excellent benefits in having sedation dentistry that includes:

  • No idea of time passing while you are under sedation
  • No preserved memory of having undergone the procedure
  • No anxiety or fear while having the procedure
  • No sense of sound or smell

For the patients who have had a procedure with sedation dentistry; they will all tell you it is the way to go, it is relaxing and the only way to go with dental procedures.

You should not be nervous about sedation here at the Center for Adult Dental Care. We are licensed for this practice, and you will notice that all of us are professional and respectful at all times.

Sedation dentistry practice is regulated strictly by the law, and it consists of three levels of sedation your dentist will be able to give you for your treatments: mild, moderate, and thendeep sedation.

  • Mild sedation – the lightest type of sedation and is mostly used for the patient who has anxiety, a prolonged procedure, or maybe a more complicated situation. Mild sedation is usually given orally. You will remain very sleepy or awake through the whole process and can breathe on your own, but you will feel relaxed but not care what is happening. Patients usually recover from mild sedation in just a few hours after the end of the procedure. Nitrous oxide also is known as laughing gas is one more form of sedation to use for mild to moderate sedation.
  • Moderate Sedation – it is used for the patient who has moderate anxiety and for those patients who are going to have a longer or extended procedure. Moderate sedation is sometimes called conscious sedation and refers to using a light IV sedation. By using conscious sedation, you will be sort of awake during the procedure, but in such deep relaxation, you won’t care. We recommend if you have this type sedation that you have someone come with you to drive you home.
  • Deep Sedation – Patients who get deep sedation go between unconsciousness and consciousness while the dental procedure is being carried out. When they awaken, they will have no idea what went on during the procedure and will not be able to obey any commands given to them. It will take several hours for this sedation to wear off so you will need someone to drive you to the appointment and then home afterward.

Please contact us here at the Center for Adult Dental Care to make an appointment and let us answer your questions about all our dental sedation. We are here to serve you, our clients.


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