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Sinus Lift Surgery in Burlington, MA

A sinus lift may sound like a procedure that you want to avoid, but they can actually improve dental health. They are safe and effective procedures that are performed regularly at Center for Adult Dental Care in Burlington. Surgery is not an easy thing to go through, as it often involves some type of trauma, but our dentists perform the procedure with as little discomfort as possible. Sinus lifts can benefit your dental health in several ways, including the ones listed below.

Lost Teeth

If you have experienced the loss of any of your teeth, you may want to restore your smile. This can be done in several ways, but one of the most permanent ways to do this is to get dental implants. However, dental implants require patients to have a certain amount of bone in the jaw. If you do not have this bone material present, then you may need a sinus lift to make more room for bone to grow.

Sinus Issues

If your sinus is too close to the upper jaw this can also cause issues with a dental implant installation. Performing a sinus lifts allow Center for Adult Dental Care dentists to make more space in the mouth for implants to be installed. Your dental implants can last a lifetime after a sinus lift has been performed and a titanium post has successfully bonded with the jawbone.

Periodontal Disease

Gum damage and periodontal disease can wreak havoc on the gums and cause several issues, including damage to the jawbone. This damage can be extensive, making the structure too weak to support implants. If you need any type of implant to restore and replace teeth, then a sinus lift can be used to replace bone that is missing due to disease and decay.

You are not out of options if you need implants and are worried about the effects of a sinus lift. The procedure is safe and commonly performed in Burlington by Center for Adult Dental Care professionals. Your teeth can be restored to their former beauty with the help of a sinus lift to allow more room in the mouth and replace missing bone.


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